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My first impressions were that Italians tend to get married way later than Americans we’ve already touched on this in some of my past videos because of different cultural aspects because of different socio-economic aspects at times tend to get married later it’s just more convenient and normal for them I guess and when I looked at the statistics I saw that my first impressions were confirmed according to I stopped which is like the National Association for Italian statistics the average age for first marriage of males in Italy is 34 and first marriage of women is 31 compared to America where the average age of male first marriage is 29 in the average age of female first marriage was 27 in fact when I think to myself what is the perfect age to get married what age do I want to get day I would think 27 28 I wouldn’t want to have my kids too late and I feel like this idea comes from you and all of the culture in which I was brought up you can imagine where these clashing ideals kind of come around in relationships me and Enrico have had that talk about you know when would you want to get married you know and yeah I said you know 27 28 and he said not the 430 and I was like well the way immigration is set up I’m not so sure I’ll be able wait for you no just kidding but that is a major cultural difference when Italians think is the right time to get made and when Americans think it’s the right time to get married another major difference is that Americans spend a huge amount of money on legs a wedding is a milestone in America I mean it’s a milestone in elite as well but it’s still very traditional 75% are still done in churches it’s not like this huge expenditure unless you wanted to be whereas in America the norm is starting to become taking out loans to finance these big extravagant weddings I read a really interesting article in refinery29 which talked about the average costs of getting married in America according to the knot which does an annual real wedding study this study surveyed 18,000 American couples that got married in 2015 for the 2016 one to learn about their spending habits and wedding day preparation the latest findings indicate that the average u.s.

Couple spends an estimate of thirty two thousand six hundred forty one dollars on their weddings I’ve seen other sources that say that people can spend around ten thousand the most people spend under ten thousand but the average is around twenty thousand and I don’t find that hard to believe again when I think to myself would I take a loan out for my wedding I mean I’m not I don’t think it’s a crazy idea I want to have a very nice wedding I hope to make enough to be able to pay for my wedding it but at the same time that was another thing Enrico is like yeah but we can get married at the city hall for free I’m like actually it’s not free actually it’s like 10 euros and actually no you only get married for the first time once and I want that first time I want that first time to be special I need the perfect dress the perfect location everything needs to be perfect now it doesn’t need to be big but it does need to be nice in America wedding is seemed kind of like a status symbol Emma another milestone to show that somehow you made it you accomplished this thing whereas in Italy it’s still very much short it’s still very much so just a religious passage it’s absolutely just right most Italians are Catholic and it’s not surprising that 75% of all weddings performed in Italy are performed in a Catholic Church by a Catholic priest this could be because Italians are very religious or it could be because Italian law makes it very difficult for a non Catholic priest wedding a wedding presided over by a non Catholic priest to be recognized by the state if you have a wedding by a non Catholic priest you have a religious ceremony but you also have to go to the city hall and have on a government way whereas if you get married by a Catholic priest in Italy you don’t have to do both you just need a religious wedding way and then the Catholic priest will um submit forms to the government for you so I thought that was a really interesting difference I’m pretty sure in America no matter what kind of wedding you have whether it’s religious or not you still have to go to City Hall and get the marriage license but I’ve never got married in America so it could be wrong another interesting fact about Italy if you get married in a Catholic Church in Italy you also have to do a premarital course with the priest that sounds like such a waste of time to me but if you want to get married in a Catholic wedding here you to do it Oh another interesting fact that I found actually last year while I was studying Italian private law they are these things called ownership regimes there are two different types of laws basically we have common law versus civil law civil law is very characteristic of European countries continental European countries France Germany Italy Italy etc where common law is characteristic of the United States Great Britain and common law laws are made based based off precedent legal precedent and in cake civil law laws are based on a civil code and not so much legal precedent and there’s a lot of like gray areas etc I’m not really getting into that but back to marriage in Italian civil law actually the default is that if you get married you’re automatically under like joint marriage all of your assets belong to each other unless you opt out of it the second that you get married everything that your husband has is yours and everything that you have is his in America its the opposite when you get married the primary if matrimonial regime would be separation you don’t unless you open say a joint bank account what’s your husband’s isn’t necessarily yours and what’s in your name isn’t necessarily your husband’s once you get married and of course this can have profound implications when it comes time to get a divorce I don’t really know the answer to this or know why but for some reason in Italy women don’t tend to take their husband’s name and so you know in America when you get married you the norm is to change your last name to the husband’s last name I mean some people don’t for political reasons don’t some people don’t for professional region reasons some people hyphenated but in Italy there is actually no legal procedure for a woman to change her in the class name even if she wanted to and they just don’t do it it’s simpler I mean if you change your last name you have to change every single document you have to change the doorbells you have to change everything so that was also really interesting I don’t think that it has anything to really do with gender roles I just think that for this time Italians were smarter and more efficient in their thought process I do have to say though I wouldn’t mind changing my last name to my husband’s last name especially if I live in a foreign country like Italy because Italy would be perfect actually because my real first name is Mattias which is Arabic and it’s very closely pronounced to Mattia all my life Americans have been calling in material so when I moved to Italy I found out that Matias a real name it’s a boy’s name but it’s a name it exists so if I got married to somebody that was Italian say their last name was Rossi my name would be Mattia LC and that’s that’s actually pretty normal I wouldn’t have to deal so much with legs the long story of my name the pronunciation having to deal with all the extra baggage that comes with having a foreign name that I’ve dealt with my whole life so I wouldn’t mind changing my last name to my husband’s last name if I lived in that set country for the rest of my life but um in terms of ideology it’s really a non-factor to me I don’t really care about it so those are my thoughts you guys the big difference is between Italian weddings and Italian weddings or marriage in general between the two countries a special thanks to Donald from Scotland for hitting me up with this idea and giving me the idea for this video as always let’s get the discussion started in the comments section you guys agree with me do you 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You know shopping for your wedding dress can be a total challenge but sometimes if you have a theme that can really help narrow your vision so whether you’re a bohemian bride a fairytale bride or a vintage bride we’ve got you covered no matter what kind of bride you plan on being for your big day chances are at one point you thought about being a princess Samira is wearing an incredible strapless ball gown with a drop shoulder and what’s really exceptional about this is all of the beautiful detail and corsa Tree on the bodice the beautiful tulle skirt is ethereal and dreamy which makes this fairytale gown picture-perfect there’s not a lot of bling or sparkle but you get the full princess feeling I added this incredible crown with pearls and Swarovski crystals to really frame her face and give her that princess vibe without looking too obvious or costumey this exquisite gown is from Inbal Dror and her Venice collection and it’s just under $13,000 talk about a princess price tag chances are if you’ve been leafing through your favorite bridal magazine you’ll realize that the boho bride is everything for 2015 what I love about this dress is that it’s glammed up boho that doesn’t mean you have to be dripping in lace and hippy dippy chic this is glamorous it’s elegant and it plays on the sheer trend that is also really key this season if you look closely you’ll realize this is actually two pieces with a simple strap gown underneath and a classic t-shirt overlay it gives you the illusion of a layered separate gown and tons and tons of sparkle and shine it’s a really relaxed silhouette but we’re not compromising Stephanie’s shape whatsoever just because you’re a bohemian bride doesn’t mean you have to wear daisies in your hair you can trade up your floral crown for something glamorous like this headpiece this glammed up boho gown is by Inbal Dror and it’s ten thousand five hundred dollars every bride looks forward to her wedding day but some Brides are looking back one theme that will never go out of style is the vintage bride one of the key elements for a vintage bride are her accessories you have a birdcage that drapes over and of course one of the big talking points for 2015 are Bridal gloves one of the coolest elements of this vintage inspired look is this Bridal bolero it’s done in all-over lace it has a strong structured shoulder and lots of really feminine details that trim the waistline and the sleeve the entire bodice of this dress is done in net and it’s beaded in an incredible Harlequin pattern that looks like sparkly shiny shimmery net lace the appliques cover everything strategically the bottom of the skirt is layers upon layers of tulle which make it romantic super fashion forward and a little bit Carrie Bradshaw this 50s inspired blush gown is by Inbal Dror the jacket is around $1,400 and the dress about 10,000 so there you have it three of my favorite Bridal themes that can help you get dressed for your big day for more videos like this go to mode

Align:start hey guys I’m a Bridal fashion expert ¬†and it’s wedding season so that means it’s time to shop I’ve got you covered with some of the hottest trends of the season so let’s get going so Sameera is wearing one of the key trends of the season and that is color we’re talking blues and bright yellows like this this incredible bold yellow gown is by ramona Keveza it’s approximately $12,000 and it’s called sunburst it’s a Burnout organza which means it has lots of texture and that means the color is not so prominent it’s a simple strapless dress with a really dramatic waistline and pockets which make you feel modern youthful and fresh now for women who are concerned about a dress like this in a bold color not looking super Bridal I added a very traditional veil with a blusher blushes are back in style in a big way because they nod to tradition and they look super Bridal so if you’re a bride who wants to play with color and is daring you may want to consider your veil tying it all up and bring you at home so if you’re a bride-to-be who’s recently engaged and you’ve been poring over Pinterest every night you’ve probably seen a dress that looks like this this sensational gown is from Galia Lahav there are a lot of trends happening for 2015 all rolled into one dress the first thing you’re going to notice is this beautiful plunging neckline the second thing are the incredible sheer sleeves that are embroidered and it Stephanie turns to the side you’re going to notice sheer in sets and this beautiful ruched bottom that accents and creates extra curve exactly where you want it one of the biggest trends of 2015 is looking at you right now this Galia Lahav gown is about $12,000 and the style is navona if you’ve been shopping for dresses chances are you’ve heard the name Inbal Dror Inbal is known for bringing the underpinnings to the outside for her wedding dresses this beautiful blush gown is all built on Corsa tree that shows but what makes it really special are all the laser-cut details that create this exaggerated oversized lacy look the silhouette of this gown is second to none it’s a classic fit-and-flare with a mermaid bottom and all the seams create incredible lines on the body one of in balls signatures are the back of her dresses where she does this beautiful exposed lingerie style with sheer in sets what I love about this dress is for all its drama and sex appeal it’s soft romantic and feminine this incredible blush and laser-cut fit-and-flare dress from Inbal Dror is just under $10,000 all right guys I hope you enjoyed my bridal trends and now you’re ready to walk down the aisle in style for more posts like this subscribe