The worlds Best Legal Service Providers

The legal services market varies from country to country, but the legal services demand by people from lawyers and solicitors remains constant the world over.

Legal Service MarketBroadly, people want help with divorces, contracts, wills and estate planning, making injury claims and defending criminal and civil cases, in addition to raft of property and conveyancing needs.

In some countries some if not all of these tasks have to be done by a fully licensed lawyer or solicitor, in other countries either regulated or non regulated service providers can provide these services.

A good example of this is in the UK Wills and Estate Planning marketed, where a customer can either use a Solicitor licensed under the UK Law Society or a non regulated Will writer.

Similar scenarios exist global offering legal services customers a wide variety of choices are varying experience and cost levels.

On this site we will try to point you to some of the information and resources that will help you identify some of the prime information providers in each geography.


Legal Services In the UK

One of the most costly legal services that we all faces at some point in our life is for the provision of Probate services, sorting out a deceased estate and working out the taxes to be paid.  In some cases people feel that the Will that has been left has not made adequate provision for them and in these cases they need to contest or dispute the will. the following videos are good starting points when considered contesting a will in the UK market.

These videos give some good information on how to go about contesting a will and the grounds that can be used for contesting a will under the inheritance act of 1965


Another video we think should be viewed when looking at disputing a will in the same vain is shown below

If a will needs to be changed after death it may not be necessary to contest it. If all effected beneficiaries are in agreement to a change, the will can be changed by means of a deed of variation and more information about what a deed of variation is and how it can be used can be found on this websites.